What is a digital mailroom?

Digital mailroom data processing

What is a digital mailroom?

What is a digital mailroom?

Automate the capture, classification and routing of incoming mail.

Compared with a digital mailroom, a typical office post room can be a busy and chaotic place.

While ‘going digital’ is a trending buzzword across the world of business, mailrooms are still inundated with paper mail.

Sorting through countless letters and correspondence can quickly become a huge undertaking, and as organisations get larger, this process becomes even more complex, time-consuming and prone to human error.

Medium sized businesses can easily process 100,000 pieces of mail each month. That’s a lot of paper to sort through and deliver.

Enter the digital mailroom.

Converting physical post into digital documents at source, as soon as they’re received in the mailroom, means workers no longer need to manually sort, categorise and prioritise incoming mail and then deliver it throughout your organisation. Instead, intelligent digital systems can integrate your digital and physical worlds, transforming paper mail into dynamic digital files.

Using intelligent capture, a digital mailroom system extracts key document details, such a invoice numbers, bar codes, employee names, keywords and more, integrates and consolidates all actionable data into a single, readily available source, then distributes, indexes or archives mail automatically.

How a digital mailroom works



Paper mail arrives in your post room or external mail management site and is prepared for the digital mailroom.



Mail is scanned and converted into a digital document.



System extracts key document details, such a invoice numbers, bar codes, employee names, keywords and more.



Mail is digitally distributed across your organisation, even across multiple sites, swiftly and securely.



Digital document trails can be tracked via a real time management platform, monitoring delivery and additional processing.



Outbound responses can be set up, such as auto-responses to customers to confirm receipt of mail.



Once processed, digital mail is indexed and archived into a secure document management platform.

Benefits of a digital mailroom

Enhance customer service

Processing and distributing incoming mail faster means you can respond to customers sooner.

Increase efficiency

Less manual time spent processing ever-increasing paper flows means staff can better prioritise their workloads.

Access mail from anywhere

Transforming mail into a digital format means incoming mail can be accessed by staff wherever they are in the world.

Improve security

While paper mail can be easily intercepted by unscrupulous parties, digital documents can be stored securely.

Manage multiple sites

Digital mailroom solutions mean post can be received and processed in one location, then swiftly routed across any number of sites.

Smart data trails

Digital mail can be tracked along its entire journey, recording opens, responses and any other actions.

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